Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC

Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC

Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC

Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC

Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC

First of all, the following links on Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC are designed by WorkSafe BC. That is to say, the links will redirect you to the WorkSafe BC website. Especially relevant is that we have re grouped the links for easier access.  In addition, they are also known as Crew Talks and Tailgate Meetings. Yet for smaller sized crews, generally they are a perfect way to make sure all workers get the same information at the same time for their task. Rather then just posting notices, it is by far a better system. Therefore, with Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC you’ll need to click on the link desired.

Free to use 

As a result, this is a library of free information available for anyone to use. Therefore, Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC is a free timesaver for illustrating a message of safety on the construction site.  What's more, remember when you download the information and print it off, make sure to create a sign in sheet. together with designing it especially for your sites needs in order to record the names of all who attended the meeting. Opposite of these traditional styles are our own creation 'Safety Talks in Movie Mode'.  In addition to an auto video format are messages designed for the construction worker.  Because these are designed to really hit home, the captivating style really keeps the attention of the worker. As a result, the message sinks in deeper to the subconscious.     


Personalizing the Tool Box Talk 

Consequently, since all construction sites are different, in some cases you'll need to alter the genetic version of Tool Box Talks WorkSafe BC. Basically, making it more site specific to your needs. Furthermore, you will need the sign in sheet with the toolbox talk in the same fashion. Without doubt, conducting a tool box talk to a few workers rather than the whole crew is for a trade specific task. Most of all a full site safety meeting using other tool box talk subjects relating to the site in general is especially useful.  


Share what you got

Finally, if you have a Toolbox Talk you are particularly proud of, share it. Since it's yours, we’ll give you full credit. Hence your name, years in safety or your trade, whatever you like will be published. With this purpose in mind, safety knowledge should be shared. Therefore, why not be commended for your good work. Inasmuch as it was stated in the request section, an additional page will be created to host these works of professionalism. Consequently, it just might have some very positive effects that you will be credited for. 


How to Develop a Tool Box Talk

By the same token, if you feel ambitious why not develop your own tool box talk.  Either reading it from a page, or producing a full presentation, make sure it is lively. Consequently, I have learned the hard way that long drawn out speeches are not the way to go. Short and to the point if reading from a script is better. Therefore, I personally like to use technical programing. Videos, and music in addition to a text message helps getting the point across.  As a result, the message is retained by the crew. 


Delivering a Toolbox Talk 

Most noteworthy are a few simple rules for delivering a toolbox talk.  Overall, know your material and don't get sidetracked by other topics. In addition, keeping good eye-contact and a clear load voice so everybody can hear you works best.  Yet don’t be afraid to request the crew to move closer. Above all else, do not sound like a computer, by conveying just statistics. Rather in some fashion you have to be entertaining.  Most important be lively. With attention to detail, make sure to keep your crew advised. Without a doubt if they lose interest, the information will not be heard. Consequently, bringing in a guest speaker also changes things up. As a result, a different face is something new for them to see with a different voice to hear.  Involve the crew by questions or even a game of safety knowledge with some small rewards.

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Tool Box Talk Requests

So, what subjects would you like to see? In addition to what is already provided, what else would you like? Rather than searching the internet due to the size and number of sites ask us for help. Hence, we can create a specific tool box talk for you. As a result the information will be here for free. Maybe others will benefit from your request much as well. Especially relevant is hopefully newer workers will come and study theses pages. Therefor,  a new and young workers education in construction will increase. 20 years ago the opposite was true, we never had this information. As a result, injuries and fatalities were at a much higher number relevant to the number of workers. Furthermore, I am sure if we had, their wouldn't be as many deaths in construction as there was.  

Below is a form for you to fill out and submit. new additions to ToolBox Town will be listed on a new page  




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