The Mission and the Vision for the Future

The Mission and the Vision for the Future. FreeBird Safety Services

The Mission and the Vision for the Future


The Mission and Vision for the Future 

To Educate and Orientate Workers on Site so we all may work towards an injury free environment

The Mission and the Vision for the Future

The Mission and the Vision for the Future is to create a company equipped with first aid, safety supplies, and  suitable trucks and or trailers so when called upon, we arrive ready to go.  Having a self contained safety office and first aid room that once on site can be operational in under 30 minutes. Inn addition to provide training in a facility central to the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Between 2011 and 2015 in just sector 72 alone (Construction), fatalities and injuries have cost over 2 million working hours at a financial cost of $966,967,231.00.  If every worker just took a minute, to stop and think,  and ask themselves the most important question before any task is started, "What can go Wrong". Then the injuries and fatalities would diminish quite rapidly . The Mission and the Vision for the Future is to do our part to decrease those numbers.

That question being “WHAT COULD GO WRONG



     My name is Mike Winbow and  I am a Site Safety Professional as well as a level 3 First Aid Attendant. Having the Experience,  Knowledge, Tickets and Training to help you work towards an injury free work environment. I come with over 30 Years Construction Experience in various trades with Masonry being the prominent.  I am a valuable asset with my knowledge, resources, skill. and values that attributes  to helping management implement your company’s OH&S Program conforming to the WorkSafe B.C. Regulations. I also have the aptitude to assist you in becoming a  COR Compliant Company in which if you so desire  and upon receiving that designation you could be eligible for a reduction in your WorkSafe BC Premiums 

Future Plans 

The Mission and the Vision for the Future of FreeBird Safety Services is to also offer affordable training. With already instructing workers in Personal Fall Protection, we are working towards other courses to instruct. There is no reason a worker should sustain an injury or for the most part have equipment failure. By following  5 basic steps most of if not all  injuries and equipment damage are very preventable. From July 2015 to Aug 2016 I worked as site safety and first aid on a project with over 140 trade workers in accumulation of 155000 man hours in which there was only 82 reported injuries.  All of these were small cuts and abrasions. Standard in Construction.  

     Some of the  Training Programs we are developing include Construction Site Safety for New Entry Workers, Working Around Equipment, and Safety Awareness. 


What the plans are for the future. A self contained 5 ton cube truck. Equipped with a  all thats required for a level 3 Occupational First Aid Room, a Construction Site Safety Office

Hot and Cold Water with its own Bathroom and Holding Tanks. Once it arrives on site, with in 30 minutes it's operational. 

Future Fleet Truck

Self Contained Site Safety Office and First Aid Room




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