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 For Us the Mission is Clear.

The Health and Safety of ALL Workers.

Making huge amounts of money for placing temporary construction safety and first aid personnel at a work location, is a far second to The Health and Safety of our Clients working staff 

Temporary Construction Safety & First Aid Personnel are at your disposal for your site. Why? Because your safety professional or first aid attendant  has called in sick. It can happen. What are you going to do? You need a temporary construction safety first aid personnel now. There are a many other temporary agencies who have an abundance of construction workers. But where do you look for a Safety Professional with a First Aid Ticket or a stand alone OFA? Furthermore, what if you just need somebody short term? We supply Temporary Construction Safety and First Aid Personnel at a very reasonable rate. They are Qualified and Experienced people, WorkSafe BC Fluent and Proven Professionals. All our temporary construction safety first aid personnel have a Passion for the Occupational Health & Safety Culture that is Second to None 


We can service your needs with the following Professionals. 

TV and Film

   Do you know that building a TV or Film set could be high risk. Most certainly moderate risk. You probably have carpenters, electricians, labours and likewise all working at heights over 10 feet. You will need a  construction safety professional and first aid attendant. Hence, somebody who knows the safety regulations, and first aid protocols. Our professional construction safety and first aid personnel do.  See our add here on page 50

Construction Site Safety Professionals

Safety Professionals you can count on 

First of all we can even laugh at our own profession. 

Construction Safety Officers, CSO

Construction Safety Specialist, CSS

British Columbia National Construction Safety Officers, BCNCSO

 All Safety Professionals, justb different acronyms.   

20.3 Coordination of multiple employer workplaces

(1) If a construction project involves the work of 2 or more employers or their workers, each employer must notify the owner, or the     person engaged by the owner to be the prime contractor, in advance of any undertaking likely to create a hazard for a worker of another employer.

(2) If a work location has overlapping or adjoining work activities of 2 or more employers that create a hazard to workers, and the combined workforce at the workplace is more than 5,

  (a) the owner, or if the owner engages another person to be the prime contractor, then that person must

            (i) appoint a qualified coordinator for the purpose of ensuring the coordination of health and safety activities for the location, and

            (ii) provide up-to-date information as specified in subsection (4), readily available on site, and

      (b) each employer must give the coordinator appointed under paragraph (a)(i) the name of a qualified person designated to be responsible for that employer's site health and safety activities.

(3) The duties of the qualified coordinator appointed under paragraph (2)(a)(i) include

       (a) informing employers and workers of the hazards created, and

       (b) ensuring that the hazards are addressed throughout the duration of the work activities.

(4) The information required by subsection (2)(a)(ii) includes

       (a) the name of the qualified coordinator appointed under subsection (2)(a)(i),

       (b) a site drawing, which must be posted, showing project layout, first aid location, emergency transportation provisions, and the evacuation marshalling station, and

       (c) a set of construction procedures designed to protect the health and safety of workers at the workplace, developed in accordance with the requirements of this Regulation


Relieving Your Stress 

Finally our people certainly will take the stress and burden off your shoulders. Due to you and your staff having enough to worry about we can help. Above all in your scoop is the production and completion of the project. As a result FreeBird Safety Services can help alleviate your concerns about safety. The staff we hire are professionally trained,  formally educated and have hands on skills and knowledge developed from many years on site. A vast amount of our employees started developing a safety conscious attitude while working in the trades. That's our difference. Furthermore, we started out doing labor work, as installers,  and trades people first. Certainly the accumulated knowledge from these years is seconded to none.  In contrast to others, we charge less and pay or people more. 

   If you need an Consultant, Advisor, Coordinator , or  a Hands On Site Safety Professional, we have the people for YOU. 


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First Aid Attendants

Occupational First Aid Level II and III


First Aid Attendants 



  No matter what industry you are in, if you're an employer that has at least 6 workers at your location of employment, you must provide a First Aid Attendant. Schedule 3-A Minimum Levels of First Aid is a chart which describes the bare minimum of First Aid coverage that you must have for your workers. This is one of those expenses you do not want to fall short on. Providing for the immediate medical needs of an injured worker is the most important aspect  of a successful business.  We have temporary construction safety first aid personnel for you

3.15 First aid attendant qualifications

The employer must ensure that a person who is designated as a first aid attendant

         (a) is at least 16 years old,

         (b) has successfully completed the first aid training course or first aid examination developed or approved by the Board,

         (c) has a first aid certificate in good standing at the required level issued by the Board or a person recognized by the Board, and

         (d) meets any other requirements determined by the Board for designation as a first aid attendant.

Above all, allow us to help you protect them. 

Pricing Available for First Aid Attendants Only


Attendants and First Aid Jump Bag 


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