Qualifications & Government Links

Qualifications Government-Links  

Equally filled with information is this this section Qualifications Government-Links. Firstly in order is the qualifications of the owner of FreeBird Safety Services. Secondly a list of relevant government links to just about every piece of legislation involved with OH&S. 


Education Never Stops.

First of all, as the owner of this company I should post my qualifications.   As a result of my dedication, continuing education for myself and all who are associated with this firm is at the forefront.  Hence we are always looking at more ways to improve the Health and Safety of any crew we work for.  Therefore when construction workers believe in and trust the  Safety Program and CSO, they come to realize they are Protected and have a Voice. Most of all, Injuries Decrease, Production Increases, and Profits Soar. Of course even us as safety professionals need to reference laws and regulations. It's impossible to know it all so we with in the company use the links provided as well. Specifically the provincial and federal regulations on safety. To be sure we make the right call in a safety related issue.

Resume Portfolio

CSS and Supervising for Safety 

Personal Fall Protection Training  Instructor  

Principles  of  H & S and Injury Management

Confined Space Entry C

               OFA III and Fit Test         

      Behaviour Based Safety 

Electrical Safety

JHSC and Worksafe BC Clearance Letter 

WHMIS 2015

Qualifications Government-Links

Unquestionably these lists of my Qualifications Government-Links are for your information to research both myself and any Occupational Health and Safety questions you may have.  Qualifications Government-Links are all linked back to other places. Opening in a new window, you will not lose your place back here. Equally important each link is from a different section of a legislative body that regulates either Health and Safety of workers, or their rights. For one thing, some workers do not know where to find information on the legal requirements of their employment. That is way  we have this here. Their are more links that could be added, however this is a great start. In the same fashion if you have any questions, ask us. 



Qualifications Government-Links

My Qualifications allows me to run the safety program on a site this size and more

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