Personal Fall Protection System Training Program

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Fall Protection Training for Construction Introduction 

First of all, our Fall Protection System Training / Personal Fall Protection Training Program, Located in Abbotsford,  complies with the course requirements of the  British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA). Furthermore, because your Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to us, we deliver a few additional pieces of  relevant information that we feel workers should know. We are always open to answer questions when you are instructed in our Personal Fall Protection Training. Educating workers on their 3 basic rights and the process of enforcing those rights is most noteworthy. Not comprehending this has lead others to a fatality while working at heights. On completion of the training in Fall Protection, you will noticed the opposite effects will become evident. Injuries will decrease. 

The Fall Protection Training Program in Abbotsford , is easy to understand yet very informative in Personal Fall Protection. Increased is a workers knowledge and skills creating a safer work environment because of this training. We train workers at our office, also we will go to your site anywhere in the Greater Vancouver or the Lower Fraser Valley District. This program is one of the least expensive for Personal Fall Protection Training.  Consequently this Personal Fall Protection Training uses a 121 frame PowerPoint presentation. As a result, an instructor also outweighs an Internet course hands down. Student have the opportunity to ask questions for problems they do not understand. 

 Abbotsford Classroom * Fall Protection Course / Personal Fall Protection Training Program Structured Content 

First, Emergency Procedures and a Orientation will occur 

Next, Employees Responsibilities and 3 Basic Rights in Canada and British Columbia, as a result,  you'll understand your full rights     

Comprehension of the Legal Requirements for Personal Fall Protection, which is most noteworthy 

Stop and Think, what is a Fall Hazard is especially relevant. As a result you'll be able to conduct 

Hazard Assessments (JHA, JSA, FLHA) and in addition, Formulating Controls of Fall Hazards

List the Basic Requirements of an Effective Site Specific  Fall Protection Plan and Filling out the Document. 

Hierarchy of Fall Protection and Hierarchy of Hazard Controls 

Guardrails:  Guardrail Location 4.55, Specifications 4.58 , Floor & Roof Opening 4.59

Personal Fall Protection , Fall Protection Training for Construction, Located in Abbotsford

Fall Protection Harness

3 Main Parts in a Generic Personal  Fall Protection System

Equipment Standards CSA & ANSI and How to gain information

Harnesses Classification  & How to Donn a Harness 

Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspection , Cleaning, and Storage Process, Fill out  Documentation,

Harnesses, Lanyards & Inspections : Fall Arrest vs. Fall (Travel) Restraint, Tool lanyards and Retractables 

Connection  Hardware and Inspections:     

Anchors & Inspections: Temporary vs. Permanent, 

Removal From Service 11.10

Lunch Break 

Active vs. Passive Fall Protection System

Calculating the  Clearance of a Fall Distance: Arrest and Restraint, Swing Fall

Ladders Safety: Step , Platform  Extension , Safe Practices, Weight Limits, settig up a ladder

Rescue Plans and Rescue Key Points 

Practical Exercise :  Choose the correct document to fill out, Find and Control Hazards, Choose the correct PFPS, Setup and Teardown

Personal Fall Protection Training, Fall protection Training, for Construction, Located in Abbotsford

Fall Arrest Lanyard

Understand Suspension Trauma and what to do after the Rescue 

Integrate a fall protection plan into an existing health and safety management system

Illustrations on What Not To Do

Statistics and Review

Donn (to put on) a harness correctly and feel the affects of being suspended in one

in conclusion the Final EXAM

Training Day Outline

Personal Fall Protection Training 

  Class size capped at 6 students maximum.

  • Higher retention of the course curriculum is a result of smaller class sizes.
  • Each student receives a 60 page Training Manual.   
  • A 121 frame PowerPoint Presentation is ou7r primary tool for instruction. 
  • Training usually begins at 8:00 am concluding at or about 4:30 pm for an 8.5 hour program.
  • Extra help is available for students requiring additional instruction or time due to comprehension difficulties 
  • their is two 10 minute breaks and a 40 minute BBQ lunch. (times can very) 
  • A laminated wallet card as proof of training with the instructor's contact information signifying certification will be awarded to each student.  
  • Graduating student will receive a laminated diploma for their wall. 
  • Duration of Certification is 3 years.  Returning clients will receive a 10% discount on recertification. 
  • 30 days prior to the expiry date, each student will receive an email warning of expiry and the need for recertification, providing they add their email address to the student form.  
  • The instructor would like take a class picture at the end of the day as well
  • 16 years old is the minimum age for anyone wishing to take the Personal Fall Protection System Training Program. 
  • Students must be fit and ready for the physical sections.
  • Report any limitations due to physical issues to the instructor prior to training. 



Fall Protection Training Direct Course Information

Training is at FreeBird Safety Services offices or at your designated location. 

Due to our location in Abbotsford BC, between Langley and Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley, we are able to train people from the North Shore all the way to Hope BC. Especially relevant is our course duration of 8.5 hours. As a result, plan for a full day . In addition two 10 minute breaks and a 40 minute lunch break are on the schedule. Start at 8:00 am, the conclusion will be at 4:30 pm. Outdoor smoking only and endless Free Coffee seems like the ideal atmosphere to learn.    PPE Required for Student Suspension  Practical. If you have your own harness, please bring it.  
  1. Long pants and Min. T-Shirt (no muscles shirts)
  2. CSA Approved Safety Toe and Shank Work Boots 6" uppers
  3. Hard Hat
  4. Eye Protection
  5. Gloves if you like
If you forget your Hard Hat or glasses, loners loners are available,  hence the ease of this program

Price per person $200.00 plus GST,

Payment must be made prior to the start of the course for new clients or bring payment with you on the day of training. 

Forms of payment include  Company Cheque, E-transfers, Paypal 

Credit Card Payment Options

                                  Visa * MasterCard * American Express * Discover

Most of all Cash,

Bring your appetite because pricing includes lunch.

At noon  the lunch supplied is a most noteworthy Mike's ManCave BBQ Burger

Provided lunch of a BBQ ManCave Burger

BBQ ManCave Burger

Powerpoint Course Presentation 

PDF Version of the Powerpoint Instructional Presentation

Student Manual 

Fall Protection Course Student Manual

Other Services:

OH&S Manuals * Forms * Documents

Temporary Construction Safety and First Aid Personnel

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing CSA Standard Z94.4-02

Training Commitment for Fall Protection

   In conclusion no student fails. Most of all, people pay for training programs to become educated. Therefore we make sure every students has a full understanding of the course material. Genuinely , instructors will stay and work with students until they fully comprehend the instructional parts of the course. Some programs are the complete opposite by instructing over the internet, or providing only  4 hour training. In some cases, workers are only receiving an hour of on the job orientation in A Personal Fall Protection System. Consequently they are  in a state of even greater risk now Under educated, and over confident the hazards will go unrecognised, resulting in  an increased risk of injury. We accommodate workers until reaching full comprehension of the program in gained.  We do it because this is part of their employment, as well as their health and safety.   

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