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WorkSafe BC Requirements of an Occupational Health and Safety Program

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An Occupational Health and Safety Program MUST remain stable, but never stand still, for then it becomes stale 

The Requirements as outlined by WorkSafe BC   

   Do you have 20 or more employees? Is one of your worksites determined to create a moderate or high risk of injury? Therefore  WorkSafe BC Regulation 3.1(1)(a)(i)(ii)  states you must have a Occupational Health and Safety Program  . Your program  starts with OHS Manuals Forms Documents. These can be very basic in nature, however  that will not achieve the desired results. FreeBird Safety Services will develop an Occupational Health and Safety Manual  especially relevant to your company's activities. we strive to create a COR compliant manual,  as a result complimenting your Safety Program. The structured style of this OHS Manuals Forms Documents goes beyond  the requirements of what WorSafe BC demands. 


Programs Must Contain 

3.3 Contents of program

Especially relevant, the Occupational Health and Safety Program will be to prevent injuries and occupational diseases. Consequently, without limiting the truth of that statement. The OHS Manuals Forms Documents and Program must include a statement of the employer's goal and the responsibilities of the employer, supervisors and workers. Furthermore, it must have a provision for the regular inspection of the premises, equipment, work methods and work practices at appropriate intervals. As a result quick action to correct any hazardous conditions found is apparent.  Hence appropriate written instructions, must be available for reference by all workers to supplement WorkSafe BCs Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.


Meetings and Documentation 

Establishing periodic management meetings for the purpose of reviewing health and safety activities is also required. Reviewing incident trends and determination a necessary courses of action for correction is especially relevant. Conducting prompt investigation of incidents to determine the action necessary to prevent their recurrence is essential. The maintenance of records and statistics, including reports of inspections in addition to incident investigations are essential. These must be made available to the joint committee, worker health and safety representative, a WorkSafe officer, the union representing the workers at the workplace or, if there is no union, the workers at the workplace. In conclusion the employer must as have a provision for the instruction and supervision of workers in the safe performance of their work.


Smaller Companies  

You have structured your company around the type of work you do. Trade specific subcontractors only having a few employees must initiate and maintain a less formal program. Having regular monthly meetings with workers for discussion of health and safety matters are essential. Therefore  companies have to  ensure the direction of meetings point to matters concerning the correction of unsafe conditions, practices and the maintenance of cooperative interest in the health and safety of the workforce. A full record detailing the matters discussed is legally required.  


Prime and General Contractors  

Prime and General Contractors who are in control of multiple construction sites or even just one with over 20 employees will need to follow 3.1 and 3.3 as previously noted. Consequently those are just the minimum requirements, hence if created from scratch these OHS Manuals Forms Documents and Programs could take months to create. They can very easily be in excess of 400 to 600 pages long and require the input of company personnel.  

BCCSA Requirements for COR

OHS Manuals Forms Documents and COR

Just about every company strives to be better then they were the year prior. Being awarded the Certificate of Recognition is a step in the right direction. The COR Certification  tells others you are serious company . In addition it states you protect your employees and subcontractors health and safety. Our OHS Manuals Forms Documents and Programs can help gain status. As a result larger and more profound projects will come your way and your profits will increase dramatically.   

Declaration for Safety

The BCCSA has its own set of requirements that must be in your OHS Manuals Forms Documents and Program. These  will help achieve a COR designation. These 3 requirements are not mandated by law. Rather they are a  a point scoring system. The more points for compliance the greater chance of passing.  These requirement  are as follows.Specific phrases declaring a declaration about the company's safety commitment. Varies documentation and sections with specific information are  especially relevant. Most noteworthy are Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures in your OHS Manuals Forms Documents and program. 

Return to Work

Another requirement  is a 'Return to Work' action plan. This is a second manual that needs to outline policy,  procedures, and  documentation. Most of all phrases of declaring a company's desire to  having an injured worker return to work as quick as possible. This would be structured on a gradual basis and with the full cooperation of a physician. 

Staff Comprehension 

The third requirement  is making sure all the staff and workers know the OH&S program information and follow it.  During a COR Audit, company personnel will be interviewed. The answers they give will form a large part of the basis of your score. 

COR Certification, OHS Manuals Forms Documents

This accreditation document is awarded when you have pass a COR External Audit.


 We can help you achieve this milestone for your company. 

Developing Your Occupational Health and Safety Manual

Most of all, FreeBird Safety Services has a library of OHS Manuals Forms Documents and Information ready for your companies use. Rather than downloading a generic OHS Manuals Forms Documents or a substandard program, we have material  just requiring re-formatting. Therefore your company's specifications and color scheme give it a sense of personalization. Most of all a WorkSafe BC compliant OH&S manual including the BCCSA COR standards require a very short time to create. In conclusion, this is a huge time and financial saver for your company. 

After  a formal consultation,  we formulate a quote for OH&S Manual Development. Individual Documentation and or Forms  also available.  

Section I Of a Group of OH&S Manuals. 7 More sections in a Complete Program. 

Section I OH&S

Section II Fall Protection Policy 

Section II Fall Protection Policy

 New and Young Workers Site Safety Orientation 

New an</span>d

 Site Safety Orientation 

Site Orientation

External Safety Audit or Daily Site Safety Inspection 

External Safety Audit


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