External Site Safety Inspections

External Site Safety Inspections Cost if you're an Out of Province Company

You Won the Bid 

 Sector 72 General Construction has become global. as a result the marketplace is open to the whole country and the world. Consequently your company is on the other side of Canada. Or maybe from other country.  You won the bid, as a result the project is yours to build.  Multi Family Residential, Condominiums & Townhouses, Highrise Develop, Commercial and Retail buildings, are especially relevant projects. Furthermore, you need to know that the workers are following your established OH&S program. You need an External Site Safety Inspections. However do you have time and need the large expense of coming here yourself. 

The Expense  

The financial and cost saving programs are always at the front. If your corporate office is a few thousand kilometres away and you need to have a External Site Safety Inspections conducted, what do you do? It’s a huge expense to fly in, rent a room for the night, food and transportation to the site in question.  

Flying out of town

Flight to Vancouver

You'll need transportation

You'll need transportation +gas+insurance


And where will you sleep at night $$$$$

The least expensive combination rate will cost you well over $1000 for 3 days and you haven't included food or any miscellaneous expenses. You could be looking at $1500 easy for your visit. We can cut that cost dramatically.   

Your Time 

Flying to Vancouver could be one long day. In addition a whole day on site or more. You could be spending multiple days from home.  It's not a vacation, it's all work. The time you spend on travel alone takes you away from other duties. Consequently other OH&S matters could suffer within your OH&S program. Jet lag, and driving to a site after you get situated in a hotel can leave you very fatigued. While on site you'll have to walk around for hours and after drive back to your hotel. Are you awake enough for this. You might even have to return to site the next day. In conclusion, issues that are most noteworthy could be missed. That most of all might cause an incident or accident down the road. Why not hire FreeBird Safety Services to conduct your External Site Safety Inspections on your behalf. 

The Alternative

Another Choice

You have an option. Why not contact the work out to a local Safety Professional? FreeBird Safety Services is located in the Fraser Valley Abbotsford British Columbia, and is a short distance to the just about anywhere in the lower half of the province . We will conduct an Impartial External Site Safety Inspections on your behalf. With over 30 years in the trades we know what to watch for. The projects in that time were ranging from single family residential to condominiums, highrises and commercial buildings, to large infrastructure developments  . In most cases if not all, an external third party sees things that an internal person might miss. Why is this? Because other jurisdictions from yours could have different regulations. More so, because of that little things can be overlooked. When you add up a few of them, those issues could lead to an incident or accident that results in an even bigger issue. 

Our External Site Safety Inspections

The in depth 2 page External Safety Audit is an company design. It consists of a number rating accompanied by a color code. With 57 points of concern and each point cover a few other related areas, we leave no rock unturned. A formal report is included and tailor designed specifically for each company who contracts us. It covers just about everything on a General Construction Site, however if you have a specific area you particularly interested in we will dig deeper into that concern with more scrutiny.  We always conduct an External Site Safety Inspections in a diplomatic way. The last thing we want to occur is the on site crew to feel they are being singled out or in some form resentful of the process. Our goal is to conduct these audits in a relaxed way so we can achieve full cooperation from the management and trades on site.

The Scheduling    

 We will arrive early and depending on the size spend the entire day touring the site, and asking questions of the working trades. Examining the safety files and any paperwork issued by WorkSafe BC does take some time and perhaps a second day might be needed. The managers, superintendents and foreman need to be aware of this process as we never want to conduct these as a surprise. That just creates resentment and could cause the action of hiding any issues. 

The External Site Safety Inspections  

External Site Safety Inspection

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