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Being  very impressed in what this worker had to say about my performance as a Construction Site Safety Officer. I was so humbled by this I had to share it.



By drywall112244

August 27, 2016

One of the Best safety guys Ive seen in 35 years on the job

This guy is one of the best CSOs I have ever worked with. The last job I was on in Abbotsford he packed out water every day so my crew and others didn't have to walk down 6 flights of stairs. He really knew his stuff to. Such a sham the company he was working for at that time didn't have enough respect for him or us. Hope to see you on another site soon Mike

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Stave Lake Dam

BC Hydro

Spillway Gate Upgrade for BC Hydro

Hugh Keenlyside Dam, Castlegar BC

Columbia River

Overhaul of the computer component for the lock cranes

La Galleria Abbotsford BC

Next door to Abbotsford WorkSafe BC

6 Story Condominium and Commercial Project.

Forrest Kerr, Alaska Border.

BC Hydro, Run on River Project

Head Dam Retention Pond

   Appreciation Letter 

   At the beginning of my training, so I may enter into the service of others as a Construction Safety Professional , I went to the British Columbia Institute  of Technology  in May of 2011. During this two week study time our class was afforded a field trip to BC Place Stadium while it was going through it reconstruction and re configuration.  Now jump forward to the spring of 2016. I am not only the site safety and level 3 first aider, I am also building the prime contractors whole Occupational Health and Safety Manual and Program. Thats when I received a request from Dynamic Rescue who are the facilitators of the CNST 1100 Construction Safety Officers Training course at BCIT if I would be interested in hosting the class field trip.

   The word "YES" couldn't come out of my mouth fast enough.  To be in the group of considered  safety professionals is one thing, yet to actually be picked is a complete honor and privilege.  On the day of, 30 students arrived on my site and we soon got down to business. After sign ins and a visitor's site safety orientation, the tour began on the 8 story (2 of which are parkades underground)  condominium site. We had well over 120 trades working that day and several pieces of equipment including a self erect crane. The tour lasted about an hour and after which a Q & A session began.

   Two thing that really stood out to this class in how I manage the safety portfolio was how I built relationships with the working crews and my portable emergency safety stands. On each floor in a central location I place one of these stands. I also had satellite stands of a 5 pound ABC fire extinguisher and air horn with a notice for signals    

My Main Safety Stands consisted of the following items.

  1. A 5 gallon water jug (I pack fresh water out every morning for the crew and ad ice when the heat comes)

  2. A 5 gallon bucket for garbage

  3. A eye wash station

  4.  A 5 lbs. ABC fire extinguisher

  5. A motorola 2-way radio pre programmed and locked so setting couldnt be changed  

  6. A marine air horn

  7. on the back side 2 rolls of safety tape 1 red 1 yellow

  8. A notice board hangs off to the left side for the following. * Notice to Workers * Emergency Numbers List * A notice for dates and times of the next JHSC meeting, next trades meeting, and the next  full site safety meeting  * Full Emergency Procedures, and Emergency Signals and hanging off the bottom of that mini notice board is where I post the last JHSC Meeting Minutes as well as the letter sent to Management on behalf of JHSC 











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