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FreeBird Safety Services

The Past 

     I'll tell you about my company. But first allow me to explain the past. In 2010 I knew my career as a mason was coming to an end.  The heavy work of masonry, and I was getting older.  I consulted an employment specialist and she suggested becoming a Construction Safety Officer.  She said I had a lot of  Knowledge and Safety Experience  that could be passed down to the  younger generation. I was in my early 40s, a middle aged man and I am scared to death. It looks like I am going  back to school. A couple of weeks at The British Columbia Institute of Technology, a few more at The University of the Fraser Valley with some continuing education, courses and upgrades along the way. Through the BCCSA and I have achieved my Construction Safety Specialist designation. 

   My very first job was at Cenovus  Energy at the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range in Alberta. Next, I was being asked if I could run the night shifts safety program at the Stave Lake Dam Spillway Gate Project in Mission BC. They were replacing the old spillway gate doors. I was local to the area and my experiance in masonry and Silica would serve BC Hydro in a very favorable way.

First solo assignment as a CSO * OFA III

Upper Dam Stave Lake

The Moch Rescue   

In order to gain the trust of management, I had to perform a mock rescue of an injured worker 5 stories down in the spillway. The time limit was 20 minutes from the sound of the horn till  my patient must be up and out of the spillway. I was to be in full command of the operation.  Five stories of stairs to negotiate, examination of my patient, make the calls, give the commands, a full package and the DEP Box ride to the top. Unknowing to me heads of the Prime Contractor as well as a half-dozen BC Hydro Managers stood by and monitored my performance. This moch rescue was also recorded digitally.  20 minutes max was allowed, not a lot of time and I was a little nervous.I completed the exercise in 17 minutes. 



Wrapping the ankle
Prepping my patent
Full Package
As I'm below, my rigger is prepping the DEP Box
Flying the box in
The Bus backing into place
The Eagle has landed
Loading up
Up and Away. What a beautiful view.
Sleeping on a rescue
We've landed topside
Load & Go
Driving Away * The End of the Show
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About My Company  

 I founded my company FreeBird Safety Services on September 4th, 2011. A contractor wanted to subcontract me instead of the traditional employment status for a shutdown safety contract at the Kearl Lake Oil Sands Projects in Northern Alberta. I ran with it. My reputation has grown and my knowledge of WorkSafe BC Regulations has increased exponentially over the years.  I find myself now receiving emails, text and phone calls from new Safety Professionals. They ask my advice as to situations and issues they are up against on their sites. I am all too happy to share my knowledge to others. After all, thats what we d0. 

   Now I have added new divisions to my company. Expanding into Personal Fall Protection System training in which I am the instructor. As of August of 2017 expanding again into the field of supplying  Temporary Construction Safety and First Aid Personnel.

  In December 2017 expansion has occurred again. This time into the Film and Television industry supplying safety and first aid personnel, training and consulting when ever asked upon.  Building a division that has the ability to arrive on a location with everything thats beneficial for the Safety and First Aid of all workers in both industries. Prime Contractor or Production Companies in TV and Film  need only place a phone call and have their safety and first aid concerns handled. Soon I will have the capability to deploy a fully operational  Health, Safety and First Aid facility,  fully operational within 30 minutes of arriving on your location.   This is where I want to  take my company and develop relationships with not only companies who wish to hire FreeBird Safety Services,  but communities as well.

FreeBird Safety Services

Construction Site Safety * Level III First Aid

 Occupational Health & Safety Manuals and Programs  

           Personal Fall Protection System Trainer

          Qualitative Respirator Fit Tester

Temporary Construction Safety and First Aid Personnel

External Site Safety Inspections


Over 30 Years Experience in General Construction 

 Mike Winbow * Owner 

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