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A little about FreeBird Safety Services

FreeBird Safety Services

FreeBird Safety Services was founded in September 2011. With over 30 years of Trades Construction Experience on projects spanning from Single Family Residential * Commercial * High-Rises * Multi-Unit Condominiums * Industrial * and Infrastructure.  After being in a few trades over the years from primarily Masonry, and later growing experiance in Carpentry, Equipment Operation, with some Plumbing and Electrical were added to gain a general knowledge in a vast section of the working trades.  Now as a Experienced and very Knowledgeable Occupational Health and Safety Professional, my main focus is the protection of workers. Educating and Training them to conduct their trade tasks is a much safer way which increases projects. Safety of a construction site can be regarded in the same realm as Public Relations. Nobody wants to do business with a company who is continually being issued orders and fines from WorkSafe BC as well as having employee after employee suffering injuries or worse.  With an Incident and Accident free work environment, not only do you retain key personnel, in addition Developers and Investors will be calling with invitations to bid on projects.  So, the only question is, where do you want to be in years to come? Would you like to grow, increasing revenue? However, the alternative is to remain small and very insignificant in the construction industry, sector 72.  With a properly formatted Occupational Health and Safety Program, including a manual thats inviting to read, Obtaining and Maintaining a COR designation will become easier.  However your crew will need to be fully compliant. That merely involves patients and training. The rewards will be well worth it. Lowered premium payments, injury rates will be going down. A healthier and happier crew which in turn works harder and completing jobs faster. The revenue saved and the capital being made almost makes the hiring of a professional like me, free.    

On Site Services 

Without a doubt my passion for Construction Safety and First Aid is seconded to none. Furthermore,  on an approved contract basis, I am able to bring an entire Construction Safety Professionals office supplies and First Aid supplies including a jump bag.  In reality it is understood the cost of such supplies and in some cases others might not totally understand what's required for the position of site safety and first aid to run smoothly. We can take that burden away as well.  Provided that the understanding exists for all supplies must be refurbished. For smaller companies this can be quit the advantage and will not only keep the workers safer but will have the prime contractor is compliance with WorkSafe BC. 




The Profession

Unquestionably the past few years have been quite an experiance. Particularly the building of a company and the requirements behind it. Notwithstanding, the day to day office managerial  duties,  the task of OH&S Development and Coordinating has come like second nature.  Furthermore, the Manuals I write are structured to achieve a COR status.

Coupled with the 30 plus years in the construction trades and working on various construction sites and locations around British Columbia give your firm a significant advantage.  It’s not openly said, however Safety is PR. If you have an unsafe site where as workers are continually being injured, other companies will not want to work with your firm.  The safer, the more prosperous you will become. So in conclusion, the video below show just a little of my talents for overseeing the OH&S program that you have.

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FreeBird Safety Services Home Page

Servicing Squamish to the North Shore * Greater Vancouver * Lower Mainland * Mid and Southern Vancouver Island * Fraser Valley * Okanogan

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6:00 am - 4:00 pm
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6:00 am - 4:00 pm
6:00 am - 4:00 pm

For EMERGENCY circumstances we are open 24/7 

Call (604) 226-5933 for after hour services. 

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* Owner:       Mike Winbow 

* Business:  Occupational Health and Safety

                        On Site Construction Safety

                        Occupational First Aid Level 3 

                        Personal Fall Protection Training

                        Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing  

* Address:   3271 - Saanich Street Abbotsford BC. Canada V2T-4Y8 

* Phone #:   1 (604) 226-5933

* Fax. # :      1 (778) 508-9900

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  1. This is a very well written and organized section of a safety manual. I have spoken to the company owner who I find very knowledgeable, experienced and has a passion for safety and the worker’s wellbeing that is second to none. Ive even heard he packs out fresh water for the workers to drink.

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